Verify Solos for the 2022 Yukon River Quest

If you are not yet eligible to race solo, please send a brief CV describing your paddling and wilderness experience to It will be evaluated and you will be asked to clarify as needed.

Evaluation Criteria...

Level of Experience

Evaluation Criteria A lot of experience
(5 points)
Has some experience
(3 or 4 Points)
Has a little experience
(1 or 2 Points )
Has no experience
(0 points)
Long Distance
Race Experience
Paddler has completed more than 3 long distance (over 150 miles) races. This could include: Texas Water Safari, Florida Coast to Coast, WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, Missouri River 340, La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge, Muskoka River X Paddler has completed one or two long distance races over 150 miles and a few shorter races such as: General Clinton, Colorado River 100, California 100, 11 City Tour, Dusi Canoe Marathon Paddler has completed one distance race that may be shorter than 150 miles. Paddler has no long distance race experience
Wilderness Multi day paddling trips Paddler has completed many (more than 3) multi-day paddling adventures. Looking for paddler to have completed remote rivers and/or extended paddling trips of 10 days or more. Multi-day self-supported hiking trips could also be considered. Paddler has completed less than 3 multi-day paddling adventures. Paddler has completed shorter multi-day trips (2-5 days in length). Multi-day self-supported hiking trips could also be considered. Paddler has completed at least one multi-day trip. Paddler has complete a short (2-5 days in length) trip. Paddler has not completed any multi-day wilderness trips.
Medical and or Survival Skills Paddler has completed Wilderness Survival courses. Paddler may be a White Water Guide or Wilderness Guide. May be a Health Care Professional. Doctor, Nurse, EMT, Search and Rescue. Paddler has taken some wilderness First Aid courses or has been a guide Paddler has basic First aid experience/certificate. Paddler has presented no medical or survival skills
Long Distance Race Experience
Looking to see if the Paddler has the mental toughness for long distance paddling
Wilderness Multi-day trips
Looking for experience in the outdoors/remote wilderness, just in case they get in a dangerous situation.
Medical or Survival Skills
Looking for the Paddler to demonstrate they have medical/First aid knowledge to be able to repair themselves.

Bottom Line Evaluation
We want Rookie Solo paddlers to complete the YRQ. Paddlers should score higher than 8 points to participate in the YRQ.